Chris reduces tremendous complexity down to a set of actionable steps.
— Jesse Engle, Entrepeneur

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I innovate within principles of behavioral inquiry, system thinking and design doing to help clients create competitive advantage in the noise of today's digital product and marketing landscape.

I use process to address the detail, and the big picture, the knowns, unknowns and create new insights. I am a pattern finder at the macro scale and a usability hound at the micro. I work to expose the missing ingredients of a great experience strategy and the critical elements of a great UI. I design the right thing, then design things right.

Good ideas always scale. I didn't go to school for UX leadership, UX design, user research, digital and content strategy, I helped invent these fields. My career is about thinking new, bigger, deeper. My appetite for better is boundless.

I collaborate to push boundaries.

What you can see here:

Jacob Neilson says [UX] basics haven't changed in 25 years. You will see work here that are examples from across a time span few UX practitioners have experience with. Some think negatively about this; think past work is old-think, but in UX that’s simply not true. The principles apply, and remain.

There are 3 detailed case studies which take you from inception to valuable results, describing my roles, challenges, strategies, and innovations. In this way I hope to describe what experience, creativity, and vision can do in the right hands. 

About me, my work history, clients, and more.

Samples, examples of steps in the UX process and the thinking that drove results. These samples are for range, not depth. Please let me present a detailed set of work tailored to your area of focus. I have more pharma experience than is obvious here, for example. Let me demonstrate that.

Case Studies

Learn how State Farm applied ground-up business design to build a new framework driven, mobile-first, content marketing platform.

A complete rethink of how CBS unifies brand, faculty, researchers and students through a 7,000 page website redesign.

How Americans perceive the government and the requirements of the constitution shapes how we motivate them. A successful design offering a path to advocacy saved America $1.9BB.